High Capacity Services

If you are expecting for high capacity optical services, then choose our services where you can get high network speed around the UK with speeds of 1 Gbit/Sec to 10 Gbit/Sec. If you are not satisfied with the speed we can further provide you a solution with a custom build solution which can deliver 400 Gbits/s between sites with the range of 100 km.

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With our service you can connect sites with optical point-to-point links and can transfer huge volumes of data between sites across the Pakistan. The service provided by us with the low latency fiber optic network which is built with Wave Division Multiplexing is more reliable, secured and cost-effective. We are here to take care of everything for you with a carrier category SLA. If you need more service then you can access our 24/7 help desk.

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Prepaid Super

For your superfast broadband essentials at home.

  • Data: 3GB
  • Speed: 1Mbps
  • Validity: 7Days
  • Usage: 24 Hrs

Starting Rs.300 /week

Postpaid Super

All your internet essentials in one postpaid package.

  • Data: Unlimited
  • Speed: 1Mbps
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Usage: 24 Hrs

Starting Rs. 999 /mo

our Most
used technologies We provide great variety of robust installing technology options for better and efficient connectivity. Here you will get a wide range of modems and routers.

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